Its All About Fur. Mouton. Leather.

The Company Status Skiadopoulos is a family business that runs in Zakynthos since 1987 and is very proud for its collections in:

  • Female fur
  • Male and Female Mouton
  • Leather
  • Latest Fashion Accessories

Our store is easily accessible in the centre of Zakynthos town Alexandrou Roma 50. We will be happy to serve you!

Tradition in Fur at Zakynthos, Greece

About Our Shops

Our shops is the source of fur and leather in Zakynthos island. We offer a wide range of products, in affordable prices. Our personnel will welcome you and offer you the help you need in order to choose the cloth that suits you. We will suggest the ideal solution according to you taste and needs. We have large experience in servicing costumers and we guarantee you make the safest choice.
A visit in our store will convince you.


Blackglama garments carry a label displaying a unique serial number, providing permanent identification, as well as other security features that ensure the label is genuine--not an imitation.


Our approach to fur farming is extremely respectful of the environment and an excellent example of a natural, renewable and sustainable resource.


Saga Furs is the full-service auction house with the world's broadest selection of superior farmed furs from European farms. Saga Furs, located in Finland, holds four international auction each year.


Leather and suede maintenance

  • Although the skin is very hard as a material, it is not indestructible. Incorrect use or care may result in drying and bursting or irreparable damage. The enemies of the skin are chemicals, heat and moisture.
  • To make sure it stays in its original condition, buy glycerin, soak the skin, and after 12 hours after the area is nourished and nourished, remove glycerin by rubbing it with a cloth. The skin will shine like a new one.
  • Light scrubbing with a damp cloth removes the surface dirt. Also, the face or body emulsion helps it and moisturizes.
  • The water that will clean the leather good will be to be lukewarm, with a few flakes of soap inside. We prefer green soap or a light product such as baby products. Dry with a clean towel.
  • The stains are good to be taken by a specialized cleaner.
  • Store in a cool and ventilated place. Do not cover it with a plastic bag because you need to breathe.
  • Candle cleaners soothe the skin but contain wax and do not let it breathe.
  • When you decide to clean it, do it in the spring and not just before winter, because the longer the stains are on the skin, the harder it is to leave.
  • Sudeets should be brushed often with a soft brush or a dry sponge, preferably natural, to remove the dirt. Also a damp cloth helps.
  • If it gets wet, it is also true for fur. Let it dry in the air and do not expose it to a fire or radiator.

Photo Gallery

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